There’s a short natural African hair fad currently in Nairobi. However, quite a sizeable number of women still get the jitters just thinking about donning short hair. Here’s why;

1. African hair takes a longer time to grow.

It is a known fact among African women that our hair does not grow back quickly to amazing lengths as that of our Caucasian counterparts. This seemingly slow growth phenomenon is however explained by Science.

An article dated two years ago on states;

Science has revealed that black hair tends to be more dry and brittle, and that can cause it to fall out and/or breakoff. But fortunately, there’s a solution, and it is based on a scientific fact, so many overlook…iron. Iron deficiency, is one of the most prevalent of all vitamin deficiencies amongst the human population. And is extremely prevalent, amongst women of African descent.

Though there are other things you can do nutritionally and topically to stimulate and promote your hair growth, as well as maintain overall healthier hair, adding iron, in the right balance, could make a world of difference.

2. The shape of their heads.

Many African women will think twice before doing the big chop because they are concerned about the shape of their heads. However, with the right barber or hairstylist, he/she will be better placed to advice you on which short do suits your head shape. From the nowadays all too common bob, to the mini fro to the clean shave…the array is yours for the asking.

You won’t have to worry about not looking your best.

3. How to maintain it.

A majority of African hair is kinky. in their article “How Can I Better Manage My Very Thick Hair” advice;

Well-hydrated hair is key to easy management as it just behaves and looks better. And is stronger, more elastic than hair that is dry and prone to snapping off at the slightest thought of a tool. Try washing your hair with a sulfate free cleansing conditioner. They help to keep your hair and scalp clean by maintaining your hair supremely moisturized while doing so.

You can also keep your hair hydrated with regular conditioning once every 1-2 weeks until moisture levels are where you like (hair is soft to the touch without product) then you can go to once per month.

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