A man who is well put together generally finds life a bit smoother. In this day and age, there is no excuse for a hopelessly rugged look that calls to mind images of a caveman.

In an era of social media, reasonable vanity has also become mainstream, even for men.So, what maketh a well-groomed man?

Here, you’ll find a few simple tips that will help you navigate the world of male upkeep.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Please say it with me. We cannot emphasize this enough.

Find your signature scent

Your scent should be a subtle part of your overall presence. It also increases your attractiveness; we all like people who smell good.

Develop your style sense, and build on it

A good tailored fit, clean, pressed clothes, and quality shoes. Trust me, shoes are important. Add a statement piece like a quality timepiece to emphasize your individuality.

Know your line – don’t cross it

You’ll know when you get there. Self-obsessed men are not welcome here, sorry. Nevertheless, do what’s right for you.

Nail your hand-care routine

Your hands are one of the first things others notice. Clip your nails and clean under them, this is basic. Then, moisturize.

Brush your teeth daily and floss regularly

No excuses gentlemen. You should, and you must, at least twice a day.

Become a regular at your barber’s

He/she is your best friend here. Keeping your hairs neat can do wonders for your appearance. And yes, this includes beards too.

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