I’m Hannah a food and lifestyle blogger and among other things an advocate of healthy food, which doesn’t necessary have to be boring, dull, tasteless or expensive, but do not confuse me for a fanatic either, I’m just a girl who loves food that is exciting to my eyes and taste buds but most importantly adds value into my body.

Food is a topic very close to my heart and because of this I found myself blogging to inspire people to see food in a fun, nutritious and vibrant way, after all eating is one repetitive activity we do every day and one of the greatest joys in life- especially when food is well cooked and also a pleasure to the eye. Let’s be honest, in comparison, most of us have allowed ourselves to be trapped in cultural norms of how some of our food should be made, which, if following the same routine, leaves our food overcooked, lifeless, dull with zero nutrients left in them.

The food we eat plays a very crucial role to our overall health, how we feel and present ourselves. When we eat crap, we feel like crap. Which we try to compensate, by over focusing on our outer look, forgetting that real beauty and wellbeing starts from the inside. Always consider food as energy and as we know, energy can either be positive or negative, so choose wisely, because our body can take abuse to a certain extent. Bad eating habits, lack of enough rest and exercise plus dehydration exposes us to negative energy on our skin, moods and our overall look and lifestyle.

So always remember to:

  1. Eat with your eyes first, and Incorporate colorful veggies into your everyday meals.
  2.  Consider, herbs and spices as your new BFFs.
  3. Always be on a lookout for healthy substitutes of your favorites. Ever heard of 60% low fat mayonnaise for your tartar sauce? Start there!
  4. Rotate meals frequently so as to take advantage of nutritional value found in different foods.

I heart you my dear reader, so be BOLD, FUN and ADVENTUROUS!



4 fish fillets.

¼ Tsp Black pepper.

½ Tsp Salt.

½ Tsp paprika


If using frozen fillets, defrost the fillets in a bowl of warm water till unfrozen or if using fresh, pat them dry using a clean towel, same applies after unfreezing the frozen ones.

Season the fish fillets with salt, followed by black pepper and lastly with paprika.

Pan fry in olive oil for roughly 4 minutes| each side, till cooked through. This can be tested by a fork pinching the fish open at the middle and check if it’s white through.



Sweet potatoes (estimate 2kgs) peeled and cut.

½ cup milk.

1 teaspoon salt.


Peel and put sweet potato in a cooking pot and fill it with water to the level where not almost all the potatoes are submerged in water.

Sprinkle with salt and boil till tender.

Drain any remaining liquid after the potatoes are cooked through and mash using a potato masher.

Add milk mixing well till smooth.


1 bunch Dhania (about ten sticks) chopped.

½ lemon juice.

2 tablespoons mayonnaise.

1/4 tea spoon black pepper.



Combine all ingredients and mix well then serve.


Article by Hannah form Kisasa Kitchenind and follow her  for tasty, healthy meals! Twitter, Instagram: @kiss_kitchen

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