Why You Are Losing Your Hair

Losing your hair can be a source of concern especially if you have had healthy hair and then out of the blue you start noticing hair loss. While it’s totally normal to lose 50 to 100 strands in a day, a handful per day can be a sign of a serious underlying issue. Here are probable reasons why you may be losing your hair:

1. Stress

Have you been stressed lately? I am not talking about low-level stress, rather deeper issues. Something that might even happened months ago but it’s still at the back of your mind and could be the reason why you are losing your hair. It’s important to assess yourself now and again to ensure that you are not carrying baggage/garbage from the past. Remind yourself to let go of ‘what should have been’ and concentrate on what you have now. Present moment people.

2. Genetics

Did either side of your parents have a problem with hair loss? Then probably that might be the cause. There are certain conditions that can be inherited. An example of a hair condition is female pattern alopecia, which can be treated by prescription drugs or in extreme cases, by hair transplants.

3. Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Pregnant women experience hair loss during pregnancy due to hormonal imbalances. This totally normal but after a few months the hair will grow back.

4. Iron deficiencies

Low iron level can be as a result of a poor diet or blood donation. If you suspect that you don’t have enough iron in your body, then you should visit your doctor to examine your iron levels. There are iron supplements available over the counter, to you can take, but a healthy and balanced diet rich in fresh nutrients, will keep your iron levels steady.

5. Too much heat and pull

More women are embracing their natural hair and keeping off heat and braiding for specific time frames. If you have not made the transition, give your hair a break by staying off heat and avoiding hairstyles that pull your hair too much. Too much heat and pulling results in thinning hair-lines, and finally hair loss.

Hair loss can be devastating especially if you are young. It’s advisable to find a professional hair specialist that can look at your hair and find treatment after diagnosis. Above all make sure that you eat healthy, exercise regularly and avoid too much heat. All the best.

By Wamboi Gicheha

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