Lip -Service: An Easy Lipstick Guide

Finding the right lipstick color can sometimes feel as tough as finding the Right One! You’ve got options, and as if that’s not enough, more options! Suddenly, looking through the multicolored maze of shades and settling for one is overwhelming. But here are a few guidelines, to help you find the right one!

  1. Understand your skin tone. All types of complexions, light, medium and dark/deep have undertones. These undertones are cool, neutral or warm. To find out your skin tone, look at the veins on the inner side of your wrists. Cool skin tones tend to have veins that appear blue or purple. Warm skin tones tend to have green veins. Neutral skin tones tend to have a hard time deciding if their veins look blue or green.
  2. For light complexion with cool undertones, try soft brown colors and nudes. Neutral undertones work well with light pinks, peachy colors, nudes and soft browns. Warm undertones carry off pale pinks, nudes or peach.
  3. For Medium complexion with cool undertones, try different shades of pink or cranberry. Neutral undertones pair well with berry shades. Warm undertones are great with bronze or copper shades.
  4. For Dark/deep complexion with cool undertones, try wine-red shades. Neutral undertones set off shades of brown or purple and Warm undertones work with shades of copper or bronze.
  5.  With the basics of complexion color mastered, make sure to try the lipstick on and look at it using a mirror in good lighting. If you try it on and you like it, go for it. If you are not sure about it, ask the shop attendant to help you out.
  6. Nude shades of lipstick can be worn alone or with dramatic makeup on the rest of the face. They are quite versatile because they can be worn with casual looks or dressed up outfits.
  7. Red lips are always a classic. Different shades work for daytime looks, like reds with pink or coral undertones, while others are perfect for nighttime looks, like bright reds or those with blue undertones.
  8. Pink shades are also very versatile. The softer they get, the more appropriate they are for everyday wear.
  9. Deep berry shades are dramatic. If you are going to wear them during the day, make sure to keep the rest of your look minimal or neutral.
  10. If you decide to go for a dramatic lip, keep the rest of your makeup light and minimal.
  11. Try not to match the color of your outfit too closely to your lip color. The combination might   make you look washed out.
  12. Your lipstick choice can make your lips look thinner or plumper depending on what you are going for. Matte lipsticks and dark colors can make your lips appear thinner and smaller. Shades with a glossy finish, some shimmer and lighter shades can make your lips seem fuller.
  13. Lipstick can only look as good as your lips! Make sure you exfoliate lips gently, and keep them   well moisturized. Chapped lips are dreadful with lipstick on, so keep your body well hydrated.
  14. Remember to have fun with lipstick and always remove it before going to bed to help keep your lips healthy.


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