With the weather changing for the sunnier, we’re all about #triballines How gorgeous is our cover this month?  Created by Maureen, this look took about 4 hours to create. Her advise on maintaining  the look is to wear silky hair bonnets when sleeping, spray on sheen moisturiser at least twice a week and always use a little edge control on the edges of your hair for that nice baby hair look finish.

Maureen has been a hairdresser for 8 years and is currently based at Rapunzel Hair
Affair Salon. She loves playing around with different types of hair and texture and that’s where her creativity lies.Maureen enjoys her work and defines it as easy! But what’s most challenging for her is not being able to make a client happy with what her creative mind expresses on hair!

Being recognized in her field of work while participating in award winning hair shows has given her lots of inspiration over the years and working alongside most respected and sought after Kenyan International Hair Stylists Farouk Jannedy and Jayne Stylist motivate her to continue creating her best work yet!
Book Maureen on 0712917707
Instagram: @hair_stylist_star


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