Shades of Grey…

Grey hair can be cause for a complete nervous breakdown. More so for women, because when men go grey they look so much better! Remember when Obama went grey? We didn’t think it possible, but he actually looked hotter!

You will often wonder why it happens and what it means, so here a few common  grey hair myths

  1. Fright causes grey hair
  2. Only older people get grey hair.
  3. Hair can turn grey overnight.
  4. Plucking a stray grey hair often means three more will attend its funeral. (But avoid plucking hair because it damages your hair follicles.

But seriously, there’s a simple explanation for why hair goes grey. Hair and skin tone come from the same cells called melanocytes. Melanocytes produce melanin for the skin colour (black/brown) and hair. Grey hair happens when hair follicles stop producing melanocytes. When it happens it is mostly caused by genetics but there are other causes believed responsible for grey hair such as:

  1. Vitamin B deficiencies.
  2. Pernicious anaemia
  3. Thyroid disorder.

Dealing with grey hair can often feel like a no-win game of hide and seek. So how do you deal with it?

Grey hair hacks

  1. Dye your hair.
  2. Use highlights to touch up grey roots.
  3. Cover up with roots spray/ powder.
  4. Try out new styling.

Going grey cannot be prevented or reversed.  Following a healthy diet is great, but it will not guarantee prevention at all. Opt for natural hair dyes and colours, which won’t weaken or thin your hair. Accept those beautiful silver strands and flaunt them with no shame. Need some grey-spo, then check out these gorgeous greys online #iammsbotalley  and @cirumuriuki on Instagram

By Peris Wangari

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