Hair is a significant part of a woman’s whole appearance. It can drastically change her looks and holds a sentimental meaning in her life. A woman is acknowledged by her hair, but a woman is not her hair. The politics of hair- more so black women’s hair, is intense. Looking back in history from the big fros made popular by the Black Civil Rights Movement, to the growing trend around the world where women are embracing natural curly African hair with popular hashtags like #TeamNatural #Afro #BlackMagic #BlackLivesMatter, natural hair is here stay.

That being said, many women are having a hard time maintaining their natural hair.  Just because hair is natural, doesn’t mean it’s got volume or length. It could be affected by many arbitrary factors, for example, the products you use, your genetic make-up, how often you care for it amongst other things.

In Kenya, the hair industry is booming alongside the million dollar beauty industry bringing in kinky, curly black textured hair products imitating natural hair in the market. The trend is influenced by celebrities and public figures alike, and they show us how it should be done.

How to rock natural hair…

  1. Experiment

Try and try and try again. Trial and error can help you find the right products, hairstyle and/or a hairstylist for your hair. Carefully assess products to determine which works for your type of hair.

  1. Tender Love and Care (TLC)

 Show some love to your hair by making an effort to nurture it. Moisturize, trim and wash it often. Be tender by combing smoothly to untangle the ends. Love it by using the appropriate sulphate-free products. Care for it by having a trim quarterly in a year to ensure healthy strands.

  1. Own it

Once you have identified the product for you, what style suits you well and have a routine for maintaining, own it. It is your hair after all so, own it!

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