Tis’ the season and it’s not only the walls and the streets that need decking this festive season, hair could certainly do with some attention.

If you want to add instant festive glam to your hairstyle, hair accessorizing is the quickest way to go. Imagine oversleeping and not having to do your hair in the morning, or you accidentally forget to remove your night scarf. It’s OKAY, because your night sleeping scarf, is an oh so trendy fashion accessory (tears of joy).














But there is a fine line between a la mode and oh dear Lord, so here’s how to get it right!

Hair clips – accessories that will probably never go out of style. Practical, affordable and handy for styling all types of hair.

Scarves- scarves basically do everything. From protecting hair from the elements and covering up a bad hair day

Hair coils –  perfect for braided and twisted hair styles. Jooj your look by adding sparkling coils to revive your braids.

Hair rings – the assorted bits and bobs including brass and shells, that look great on braided and twists as well as cornrows

Turban – They’re not just for certain religious sects. They’ve been around a while and the likes of legendary movie star Elizabeth Taylor and our very own, Orie Rogo Manduli make them look positively regal.

Berets and hats – ever since Prince belted Raspberry Beret, berets have been a wardrobe staple in every shade of color and material imaginable. Berets can be smart or casual depending on the occasion, just be sure to pay attention to the rest of the accessories you choose to wear!

Glam up your hair with all sorts of festive accessories and don’t forget to take a pic and tag us!

By  Peris Wangari

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