Looking good on a budget may seem like an impossible thing to wish for, but it’s totally possible. We often overthink, protective styles assuming they are expensive. But the truth is, protective styles can be affordable even with a tight budget or none at all.

The simplest protective style also happens to be one you can do-it-yourself. Put up your hair in a bun, then twist hair with simple knots – ‘matuta’ – or ‘bantu’ knots, add a little moisturizer and Viola, that’s the first and easy to do protective style!

If knotting your hair or braiding it is difficult, consider having a friend who can help you with doing your hair, which will enable you to save a few coins in your pocket.

The next batch of protective styles, are pretty much outsourced hair in the form of wigs and weaves. These are quite versatile and very easy to pull-off. With the constant changes in the natural hair world, crochet and braided wigs/weaves are diversifying every day which means, getting your done in wigs or weave s doesn’t cost you hours in the salon.

With protective styles comes maintenance. You cannot hide your hair away and forget about it forever, it will be a nightmare if you try. You have to take care of your scalp and the hair on your head. Keep your scalp clean by washing and moisturizing it on a regular.

If you have a protective style like braids, aim to clean your scalp twice a month. Flat twists, buns or wigs, allow you to wash your hair on a weekly basis especially during the hot season. Protective styling can be fun and stylish, so figure out your preference and keep your edges and tresses safe!

By Jepkoech Kendagor

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