Be Your Own Valentine

When we think of Valentine’s Day, the first thought is usually what we will do for the people we love, be it the guy who has snatched our heart or the loyal friend or close family member. I am wondering if in that line of thought you’ve ever thought of YOU, not to be confused with the Netflix series YOU, but rather you. Have you ever thought of expressing love to yourself? You may be thinking, “Why should I do that?” “Isn’t that something someone else is supposed to do?” Well, yes and no, because, while receiving love is not a bad thing, we should also think about ways to appreciate ourselves.

Remember that YOU have been under your skin through it ALL! The bad and the good, the thick and thin, and YOU are the only one that has pushed through those low and dark days that you wished the earth would open up and swallow you whole. You need to appreciate that person, and as much as you should, do it every day.  So come Valentines, here are a few ideas to spark your creativity and show yourself some love, after all like Rupaul says, ‘If you can’t love yourself, how’re you going to love anybody else?’

Spa day

There’s nothing like a good massage or a sensational facial or a thorough pedicure or even better still, all the above? Book an appointment at that beauty clinic/spa that you’ve wanted to go to all year long. Plan it with the girls if you must, but go ahead even though they cancel. Get that massage or facial and your body will thank you for the treat!

Splurge on the book

For those who love reading, I am sure there’s that ‘hot’ off-the-shelf book from your favorite author that you’ve been eyeing. It could be a coffee book, a cookbook or that motivational/spiritual book you’ve been dying to get your hands on. Gift it to yourself and satisfy your soul. (We’re loving Michelle Obama’s Becoming and recommend you get your copy quick!)

Dine yourself

This is the opportune time to enjoy your single-dom! Take yourself to that restaurant that you’ve never been to and probably daydreamed about once or twice. Slightly cheaper, try that most-wanted recipe that’s been hanging on your kitchen wall, open the bottle of wine and pour yourself a glass, set a candlelit dinner with YOU and tango with the stars. Because why not?

There are so many things that you could do but it really boils down to how YOU want to treat yourself. It could be a photo shoot, a road trip, getting a new haircut, reconnecting with old friends – it doesn’t have to be material – but the bottom line is this- show you some love. The way we love ourselves often guides us on how to love other people. So this Valentine’s be intentional about love and start with YOU.


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