And we’re well into 2019! 
I’ll be honest and confess, that January was tough trying to get back to regular work, fitness and life routines. After what I happily dubbed ‘the champagne days of Christmas’, January was a month of penitence and atonement. The roughest time was going back to the gym and simply not being able to do what I easily handled at the start of December!
But the physical discomfort of settling into a routine, is nothing compared to the emotional and psychological adjustment to new habits and new patterns. Our internal wiring is really something special. Creating new pathways in the brain, is the best way to override existing ones, because as science would have us believe, letting go of what was and embracing what’s new is much harder than it seems. This could explain why, despite every good intention, resolutions are stored on dark shelves sooner than later. I’m learning that it’s not about what I don’t want, but rather what I do that sets me up for the next moment. If I can get settled into many good habits and patterns, eventually, I end up moving in the right direction, and surprising myself – especially in the gym!
But this year, I’m not the only one making adjustments! Rembesha, also moves in to new patterns and routines. We set out to be a digital enterprise, and from the online community we have been able to build, we’re intensifying efforts on that momentum and this month we kick off our new newsletter, which we shall send out twice a month. We look forward to sharing regular updates on the local hair, beauty, lifestyle and wellness industry with you, so kindly log on to our website, and subscribe, so you never miss out on the beauty buzz!
Here’s to you and yours and the love you continue to share with us! We don’t take it for granted and look forward to yet another great year as we #RembeshaKenya

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