Let’s paint the town red but, don’t forget to get him a gift too!

If you’ve got a headache from going store to store trying to find the perfect gift to give to your husband, boyfriend, brother, father or that male colleague, relax! We’ve compiled a list of gifts that are anything but cliché or common!

All the best as you choose something stellar for him!

  1. Coffee maker – make his every single morning a refreshing one with a cup of freshly brewed coffee!
  2. Beard oil – After the No Shave November, we’re still crazy about the beard gang. Gift him this hydrating oil to soften up wayward bristles and also ensure healthy beard growth too.
  3. A customized shaver – Whether he is a clean shaver, a stubble shaver or full beard guy, we love them all!
  4. A multi-tool/ multipurpose pocket knife – You never know when he will need to save the day with a life-saving tool like the always-missing-in-action bottle opener when you need it most, a compass, a pocket size knife and it only gets better- it’s only the size of a credit card! He just needs to carry it around in his wallet like an undercover hero!
  5. A phone holder/ sticker for the car– this one is a lifesaver! Help him multi-task, if he can ever, while he navigates the road. It also maintains his gadget for longer by avoiding unnecessary falls. It could be a sticker placed at the dashboard/ steering wheel or a mobile phone holder mounted at the air vent or the CD slot. Question is, which is more practical for him, a 360 degrees magnet holder or a metallic mobile phone car holder or sticker or all 3-in-1?
  6. A charging station– We all know how techie guys can get, owning every gadget for every task under the sun! A charging station will ease their load saving them the time to find a charger which can be too much trouble once the cable wires get lost in a tangle. But with a charging station, he can charge all his gadgets including his watch in one central place and most importantly in an organised manner.
  7. External hard drive – Supergirl to the rescue! Help him back up his memories of you and his professional work with a sleek portable gadget. This one is currently a necessary evil that we can’t do without in this age of data.

Valentines doesn’t have to be a roses and chocolate affair especially for him! So what else would definitely make his day? Share your thoughts with us!



By Peris Wangari

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