Gotta Have…MUST Have!

With mid-term just over, we’re halfway there to Easter already – it’s crazy how time flies, but as we continue with the rigamarole of everyday living, here’s our overdue but certainly not over the top list of gotta have, must haves for 2019!







Phone chargers/power banks

No more running out of juice and borrowing other peoples power-banks. Invest in a decent one and stop stressing others to send you those pics you look so cute in, that your dead phone didn’t take!


Yep, our melanin is popping, but take care of it too! Over the first quarter of the year, the sun is brutal and the rays vicious. Protect your skin and prevent prematurely ageing your skin.




There are so many hot new scents to try and sweat is not one of them! Pop in to local stores and check out the new range of fragrances for men and women. You don’t have to buy them all, even just one is enough to create your signature fragrance.



Take care of your eyes with a proper pair of sunglasses. They may cost you a pretty penny, but your eyes will forever be thankful. Glare makes us squint, and constant exposure accelerates the onset of wrinkles around the eyes and crows-feet.










Gym Gear

If one of your resolutions this year is hitting the gym and achieving your body goals, then revamp your gym wardrobe. Part of looking great is feeling great, so turn up your training gear. It will not only enhance your confidence, it will allow you flexibility without making you- and others- uncomfortable at the gym!

By Nairesiae Masikonte

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