Thick lashes, long lashes, bold lashes, gimme dem lashes! We want them all! But how to get them without using fake lashes is the question. Apparently an insider beauty trick to lush lashes is waterproof mascara, which not only lasts for all eternity, it also gives your lashes that extra burst of life! It, however, may be challenging when one wants to take it off and nothing seems to work. Unless you use the following:


They come in handy whenever you want to do away with the waterproof mascara. It’s a perfect solution because they are able to smooth down the constituents of the mascara, hence no need to keep scrubbing the eyelashes, which yanks them out. Common oils such as coconut oil, almond oil or castor oil can be used as they are readily available in most supermarkets and beauty shops. Secret tip: Castor oil is recommended for lash growth as well.

Micellar water

Is also useful when it comes to removing waterproof mascara. The oil-infused micellar water is the best as it contains the oil molecules responsible for gently breaking down the mascara components off the lashes.

Once you decide which of these products works best for you, here’s how to clean out your lashes!

When removing the waterproof mascara, all you need is a cotton pad and oil or micellar water. Ensure that the cotton pads are soft, as the skin around the eye area is delicate and needs extra care.

With your eyes closed, use the cotton pad, apply oil or the micellar water to the eyelashes and let it sit on there for about ten seconds. This will give adequate time for the oil to dissolve the mascara.

Then gently wipe down along the tips of the eyelashes till all the mascara has come off. Repeat the procedure using fresh cotton pads until you are sure that no trace of the mascara is left on the eyelashes.

-Lastly, rinse your face, and moisturize eye area with serum and eye balm.


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