99 Problems, But My Nails Ain’t One

Nails are an essential part in overall grooming. Whether long, short, lacquered or not, real or fake, your nails are the easiest reference point to your kind of personal grooming. Great looking nails are not just a preserve of the beauty salon, it’s possible to sport an immaculate set of nails without weekly nail sessions. No matter which way you choose to wear your nails, establish a routine that will ensure you nail it every time!






Let’s begin with the easiest routine to maintain. Keeping nails clean. The nailbed should always be clean. A quick scrub using a nailbrush usually does the trick. If nails are stained a little baking soda can be used while cleaning your nails, to leave them looking clearer and cleaner. Remember to also brush under each nail!

Brittle nails break easily and if you are trying to grow your nails, you’ll have to moisturize and oil them. Nail oil is a good solution for dry nails and it instantly gives a shiny luster. Olive oil though, is by far the best for very dry, or damaged nails. Using a cotton bud, apply to nails at night and massage gently. You should notice a change for the better, within a few weeks. Try and keep hands moisturized every time you use hand sanitizers, as the ingredients they contain, quickly dry the skin, also, moisturize your nails after every hand wash.

While filing your nails, use a fine nail file as the rough files can easily damage your nails. Always file your nails in one direction and avoid sawing back and forth for strong and well-shaped nails.












Keeping nails healthy also calls for attention to the nail polish you use as well as remover. Choose acetone-free removers and always settle for good quality varnish that doesn’t stain your nailbed.

Finally, a good diet contributes to having healthy nails. Vitamin B which is found in foods such as eggs, dairy products and legumes reduces nail brittleness. For the white spots that sometimes appear on the nails, zinc (found in nuts) is the answer. To prevent both drying and dullness, look for foods rich in vitamins A and C such as citrus fruits, spinach and sweet potatoes. Calcium (in yogurt) also keeps the nails strong.

By Nairesiae Masikonte

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