Suad and Rula Hussein are makeup artists, designers and entrepreneurs who have been in the industry with years of experience and renowned for their artistic interpretation of celebrity looks that women locally die for and they shared their two cents with Rembesha as women in the beauty industry series.

How did the journey begin for you?

It began when we realized that we both had a passion for beauty and business that was the end of 2016. It was in that year that we started up the business with our savings.

Where do you draw your inspiration from for this make-up looks?

We follow closely on international red carpets like The Met Gala and the Oscars and keeping up with the beauty industry’s trends.

What is the future of BambiFace BX?

We always had big visions from day one; we do what we do to make that vision come true, Bambifacebx’s future is becoming international.

What sets you apart from others in the same industry?

Being Bambi that makes us unique (being ourselves) coming up with our own ideas and try every day to be better than yesterday we simply compete with Bambi only.

What are the measures you have taken to deal with counterfeits now with your newly launched BambiFace lashes?

To be honest, that was something we discussed, so far nothing of that sort has happened but in case it does, we will use legal actions through our lawyers.

Is there a best look which has highlighted your make-up career so far?

Recreating celebrity looks have highlighted our makeup and showed how far our talent have come.

Share with us your best make-up advice you would give to women?

“Be simple and get to know what suits your face.”

Interview by Muthoni Ngei

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