Everything’s coming up florals…

Sunflowers, tulips, roses …water lilies you name it, flowers fill the world and fashion, with gorgeous color. Florals have never stepped out of season and this year is no different. Every wardrobe should have a floral piece, for that bright burst of bliss. Trust me when I tell you florals can be sophisticated too! Here are our tried and tested, ultimate summer floral styling hacks to guide you as you flourish in your floral prints:

Summer floral styling hacks.

  • Bright dresses with floral patterns are best worn with nude or neutral shoes. Also keep jackets neutral and well-structured for a chic look!
  • Always try and coordinate your accessories with your floral outfit. Little bursts of colour that compliment the colours on your dress lift up the look!
  • For more official engagements, tone down your floral pattern by pairing your favourite floral dress with classic pieces- be they shoes, hairstyle, accessories, or even nail polish.

Summer floral styling crimes to avoid.

  • Floral print can easily take over your figure, should you wear an ill-fitting pattern or design. Remember the cuts that flatter your figure when picking out a floral outfit, because prints amplify your body’s structure.  There are no wallflowers when it comes to floral looks!
  • Just because you can wear a hoodie doesn’t mean you should, especially when wearing floral dresses.
  • Don’t wear sweatpants with anything floral to anywhere, not even to the gym, because that is where fashion and style go to die while holding hands.
  • Avoid wearing a cocktail of layers of colour on top of colour when wearing floral prints otherwise you will end up looking like a rainbow, and that’s a different kind of trend.

Cracking the floral code is no bed of roses, but with these hacks you just might come out looking, if not smelling, like one!

By Peris Wangari

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