After months of the prolonged disruption of normal everyday life, following the COVID Pandemic, cases of sexual and gender-based violence are on the rise. Sadly, a large share of these cases shall never be aired on television, or covered in the dailies, even though some of these cases result in the unfortunate death of the victims. As a nation, we’re left in shock. Angry whilst searching for clues that we missed and wondering can we really save our loved ones from being the next statistic? 

This past week on YouTube channel Sheila Lives Out Loud, a conversation highlighting abuse and gender-based violence was shared featuring renowned psychologist and relationship guru Dr. Chris Hart and the Executive Director of Healthcare Assistance Kenya Fanis Lisiagali. The conversation featured excerpts from a previous series on the channel focusing on the psychology of abuse, to help audiences better understand the markers of an abusive personality, and the launch of the Sexual and Gender Based Violence (GBV) Helpline 1195.

Speaking up against every form of violence is our collective responsibility, and this helpline is manned by qualified counsellors offering 24/7 confidential tele-counselling services to those who call seeking help, as well as survivors of abuse.

Staying silent not only allows for more cases to continue to happen, it also normalizes violence as a part of who we are. Yet it is not.

Speak up and share this helpline number 1195. You could just save a life.

Sheila Mwanyigha for Rembesha.

Watch the Show here:

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