Brows Before and After Microblading and Microshading

A few weeks ago, I put up a poll about eyebrows. Yes, eyebrows. I couldn’t possibly be the only one who had an eyebrow struggle, I thought! And sure enough mine, like most who took part in the poll, were uncontrollable. All we really want, is for our eyebrows to behave-for a little longer than a day!

So I did a thing! I’d heard and read about microblading and microshading, and when  the opportunity to try it came along, at Headlines Microblading Spa, I gave it a go.

Biologically, eyebrows protect the eyes from heat, light and also sweat. They are also the unsung heroes of human communication and expression. Eyebrows portray a myriad of emotions and also help with face recognition, but sometimes eyebrows represent a formidable aesthetic challenge for many women – and men!

Most respondents who took part in the poll, said that uncontrollable eyebrows were a problem, and a close second thought that their eyebrows were shapeless. So what to do? Well, there’s tweezing, or threading, or shaving, but for the ultimate in taming brows and bending them- well shaping them to your will, is Microblading and/or Microshading.

Dee at Work

A visit to the Headlines Microblading Spa, was an absolute adventure. I almost didn’t make it, what with the city’s nightmarish traffic, but I’m glad I did! Dee, the proprietor and artist, was such a pleasant well of knowledge and despite my tardiness, made the time to answer all the questions I had for her concerning the procedure, pain, healing and naturally, the outcome! She patiently helped me understand that Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that places pigmentation under the skin through a tiny bladed needle. Using tiny light strokes, this procedure creates hair-like strokes that resemble the hair of the eyebrow. Microblading helps create better definition and the illusion of eyebrow hair where there is none. Microshading on the other hand, creates a fuller brow, and the technician achieves this look by placing pigmentation under the skin with pin-like dots. 

With this understanding we got started with Dee defining the shape my eyebrows. She always makes sure the shape is exactly as the client prefers, because after all, this is semi-permanent pigmentation and one would like to still resemble oneself after the procedure! With that done, she then applied a numbing gel and then got to work. For all the description of bladed needles and pin like dots, I expected to suffer, but the procedure felt like she was brushing my brows with a light makeup brush for about two hours!

One Brow Before and After Microblading and Microshading

Once done, the result was a set of the most perfect eyebrows! Dee then handed me a care bag and instructions on what to expect over the next few days and how to clean my brows. In the first 3-4 days as the pigmentation set in, my eyebrows turned darker than usual which can be surprising, but knowing that they would get darker helped with this phase. Between days 4-8 I experienced shedding. In this phase it’s so important that you do not pick at the scab that is your eyebrows. It may not look like it, but following the shading and blading, the skin around the brow area is raw and just like a wound, must scab. Let the scab bits break off on their own and Dee’s care-bag contains what you need to keep the skin sterile and supple as it heals.

Once the scab is off, the color of my eyebrows was back to usual and the shape was simply divine! A touch up after 6 weeks is part of the procedure, which helps ensure that you don’t have to battle with your brows for months to come!

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Sheila Mwanyigha for Rembesha 

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